10 Birthday Cakes Any Girl Would Love!

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girl birthday cake

Neapolitan 5-layer Birthday Cake

My daughter’s birthday is next month* and I’m going to be making her birthday cake! She’s turning two, which means I’m pretty sure I won’t have to worry about her being picky. Things she likes include anything pink, anything decorated, and anything that tastes like cake. That makes it easy on me!

I was searching for girl birthday cake ideas and I found plenty of gorgeously inspiring birthday cakes that I’m pretty sure any girl would love! After I get some new super-non-stick cake pans and unearth my cake decorating supplies, I’ll be attempting my own feminine birthday cake creation. Until then, here some of my favorite birthday cakes for girls:

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Garden Delight Flower Cake

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Super Epic Rainbow Cake


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Strawberry Tomboy Cake

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Hello Kitty Basket Weave Cake

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Ruffle Tower Cake

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3D Cinderella Doll Cake

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Lollipop Garden Cake

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Pink and Brown Bird Cake

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Traditional Barbie Cake

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Pink Ladybug Cake

*My son’s birthday is also next month. He won’t be forgotten; I’ll be featuring boy birthday cakes soon!

What are your favorite ideas for girly birthday cakes?


  1. I’d love the Strawberry Tomboy Cake! Or, the Pink & Brown Bird Cake. 🙂

  2. My daughter’s third birthday is next month. I have made her birthday cakes for the past two and just don’t have time this year. We’ll be doing a fairy cake. I must say, though, if I had seen that bird cake first…I might have tried to persuade her to love it. It is so cute. My son had a “bird day” party for his 5th birthday because of his love for flight. He is now 17 and just received his private pilot’s license….so I might give a little more thought now into what I want them to love! Happy Party Planning!

  3. Cute cakes!! I just made a daisy flower bday cake for my daughter’s first bday using 2 round cake pans. It was pretty easy (compared to a lot of these other cakes–I think I’d need more practice to attempt one of those!) A few months ago, I used the same round 9 in pans to make a curious george face cake for my son’s 2nd bday. He adores curious george, and again turned out well and was fairly easy. My friend always uses the shape cake pans and swears by them. If your son is turning one, Lunds/Byerly’s will make a complimentary 7in double layer cake for first bdays. You just have to show the birth certificate and order a few days ahead. Kowalski’s also does this for first bdays, but is free only with a $10 purchase from the store (this was a smaller double layer cake, and would be a great size cake for the 1 year old to attack). Have fun!

  4. These cakes are not helping my sweet tooth. They all look great. I think I will have the pink lady bug.

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