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Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been posting a lot more baby deals lately. Perhaps you’ve seen far more activity on the Baby GoodBuys Facebook page. Or maybe you haven’t noticed anything different at all! No matter what you have or haven’t noticed, I’m so excited to announce that I hung up my spreadsheets for good!

I worked for Target Corporation in a variety of positions in the Finance division at corporate headquarters for over seven years, but I put in my notice to quit nearly two months ago. My manager convinced me to continue working for a few extra weeks to wrap up some projects and keep the wheels turning for a little longer, but my last day was on July 29th. I have to say, Target was an absolutely fantastic company to work for, and there was no negativity towards the corporation in my decision to quit.

I’ve always considered myself a working woman, but since I’ve had children, my priorities have changed. I started working full-time in 2003 at Target. After I had Haiden, my first son, in 2008, my department was generous enough to create a part-time position for me. This allowed me work three days a week and stay home the rest of the time with my baby. We were also extremely fortunate to find a wonderful home daycare provider who I can’t say enough good things about.  I got pregnant three months after Haiden and had Piper in 2009. While the job in finance was wonderful, I struggled quite a bit with being away from home an my babies so much.

While my husband and I were having many discussions about me staying at home full time with the babies, I struggled internally with the thought of losing the bit of independence and freedom my job provided, not to mention the paycheck! We’re so fortunate that James, my husband, is an extremely hard worker who wants to support his family and wants what’s best for everyone. Since leaving the job, I’ve also realized that my independence has not been sapped at all by staying at home, and I’m happy to have my little ones alongside me throughout the day!

While the financial change will be an adjustment, I do enjoy a challenge! We’ve worked out a new budget and our priorities have realigned as we’re realizing what’s truly important in life. After all, the best things in life aren’t “things” and I’m finding that to be more and more true as I’m starting this fabulous new journey!



  1. Yay, for you and your adorable babies! It is the best “job” I have ever had (and I have had some really good ones!) 🙂

  2. Woo Hoo. Congratulations. Best wishes. I’m hoping my story will be similar to yours. I have one child so far who is 6 months old. I’ve cut down to 2 days a week for working outside the home and do some minimal work from home too. I’m hoping by baby #2 to be able to stay at home. Looking forward to you sharing your experiences in staying home or even what the transition is like

  3. Thanks so much for your support! I appreciate it!

  4. Thats so great! I also worked for Target (just a cashier) and decided to become a stay at home mom when I got pregnant with our daughter. They were so great about it! And i love being home with my daughter full time!

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  6. Hooray for you- & for Haiden and Piper! I am a SAHM of our year old daughter! It is well worth it to be able to raise her myself- not a daycare- & spend time with her. ( I worked in daycare for a few years & was a good provider- but nothing is as good as Mommy) We live a little tighter than many of our friends- but I try to save money on groceries, diapers, etc (thanks in part to bloggers like you!) and it is worth it! Hope you have a wonderful time with your cuties!

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