Family Christmas Pajamas in Lots of Styles!

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Family Christmas Pajamas

A few weeks ago someone suggested I look for family Christmas pajamas for a cute photo opp.

It was a coincidence when, literally the next day, I was introduced to Sleepyheads, which happens to be a fantastic source for matching family Christmas pajamas!

plaid family pajamas

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Note from Marybeth: This post was originally published in 2013. I’m sharing it again because‘s family Christmas pajamas are so cute, the quality is amazing and many of the styles (including matching family footie pajamas) I wrote about are still available! 

I also want to say that the quality of the matching footed pajamas Haiden and Piper wore last year remained in almost-new condition, even after months of heavy use. We’re in Minnesota, so we have a long season for warm pajamas! Im actually surprised at how soft and fluffy they still are. Even the bottoms of the pajama feet are in good shape! 

When I started looking through the various styles of matching family pajamas I couldn’t help but laugh at the funny sight of adults and kids in matching footed pajamas! I grabbed a few photos and combined them into the collage above to showcase my favorites:

Sleepyheads was also nice enough to send us matching family pajamas–but just for the kids in our family. My husband and I just aren’t brave enough to model Christmas footed pajamas for adults (and put those pictures online forever)!

Family Christmas Pajamas

family christmas pajamasI wanted adorable family matching pajamas in a fun print, so I chose the the Lazy One Don’t Moose Family Matching pajamas for Haiden and Piper. Here are links to both the boys and girls styles:

When I was picking out the style of family Christmas pajamas that I wanted my kids to model, I was so excited about that flap in the back of both pairs of pajamas. Of course, they don’t actually use the flap, but it is so dang cute and both Haiden and Piper think it’s hilarious!

While I love that these matching family pajamas are absolutely adorable, it’s even better that they’re well-made and feel great.

One thing that drives me crazy about some fleece footie pajamas is that look and feel great right out of the package, but they look terrible and don’t feel soft after being washed even once. These Sleepyheads Family pajamas are so much better than that!

They were super-plush and thick right out of the package. I’ve washed them a few times since they’ve worn them in the picture above and they look just as good as they did the first day.

Note: as I stated in the update above, we live in Minnesota so there’s an extended need for warm pajamas. Haiden and Piper both wore their pajamas from for the better part of the year. They’re still in excellent condition! The knees and feet aren’t worn out, and they’re just as fluffy as they were months ago. 

If you’re looking for family Christmas pajamas in a matching or coordinating style, be sure to check out SleepyHeads for sizes ranging from infant to 3x!

If you’re ordering and you want a promo code to save money or get free shipping be sure to check out all my promo codes!

Looking for other sizes? 

As it turns out, has limited sizes of the Lazy One Don’t Moose pajamas. I’ve found them in all sizes on Amazon, so be sure to check these links for your sizes if they’re not in stock at the above links.

Lazy One Blue and Pink Moose Family Matching Footed Fleece PajamaLazy One Blue and Pink Moose Family Matching Footed Fleece PajamaLazy One Girl's Pink Pajama FootieLazy One Girl’s Pink Pajama FootieLazy One Don't Moose With Me Footed Pajamas for Adults, PinkLazy One Don’t Moose With Me Footed Pajamas for Adults, PinkLazy One Don't Moose With Me Blue Footed Pajamas for Adults, blueLazy One Don’t Moose With Me Blue Footed Pajamas for Adults, blue


family Christmas pajamas

Disclosure: Sleepyheads provided the pajamas used to facilitate this review. I was not paid and all stated opinions are honest and authentic.

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