Don’t Pay for Kindle eBooks – Get These 10 for Nothing!

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free kindle ebooks

This page is updated with new ebook availability and an archive of previous freebies will not be available, although the books listed in previous days may still be available to download for FREE.

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The best part about the popularity of e-readers is that there are always tons of Free Kindle ebooks.

Did you know that even if you don’t have a Kindle you can still enjoy reading these books with a variety of devices? Smartphones, tablets, mp3 players and computers all offer ways to read ebooks, and I’m sure anyone reading this can find a way to read and take advantage of these freebies!

Look below the list of free ebooks for directions on how to read Kindle ebooks without an ereader.

free kindle books

Keep in mind that most ebooks are only free for a limited time. If you want one of these ebooks you should download it right away, because the price could increase at any time.

10 Free Kindle Ebooks

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How to read Kindle eBooks without a Kindle:

You can find many more FREE Kindle eBooks and easily read them on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Android, or Windows 7 smartphone when you follow Amazon’s easy instructions for reading Kindle eBooks on non-Kindle devices.

My Kindle with special offers was one of all-time favorite purchases, and it’s a fantastic buy for just $69. I used it several times a day, every day, for about 18 months and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to read.

After using the basic Kindle for over a year and realizing how attached I was to it, I upgraded to a Kindle Paperwhite to make it easier to read in bed. I’ve had it for several months, and it is easily my favorite item out of everything I own.

See Amazon’s entire selection of Kindle readers.

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  1. Thank you! I adding new free books to my Kindle.

  2. I will definitely be getting some of these (the smoothie one looks great).

    My husband gets all kinds of free Kindle books… he reads them whether they are good or bad. He really relishes telling me about the crazy stories in some of the “less-well-written” sci-fi books he has gotten. 🙂

  3. Yes!!! So glad you posted this list of free Kindle books. I am in need of some good Fall reading. Thanks for the post!

  4. Thank you. Just downloaded 5 ebooks.

  5. Wow, I’m honestly shocked this worked, just picked up 3 books for free. I’ve been trying to read for an hour every day (no easy task) so this should hopefully keep me motivated!

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