Introducing Ghostbusters to the New Generation + A Ghost Corps Tour!

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Ghost Corps tour with Ivan Reitman Ghostbusters

Just last week Sony flew me to LA for a special Ghostbusters press junket. They packed some really fantastic items into the three days I was there, and I’m excited to share all the details with all of you!

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While I was in LA, I got to do several really fun Ghostbusters related activities. I screened the movie, interviewed the cast, and toured Ghost Corps on the Sony Lot!  Ghost Corps is a production company founded by Ivan Reitman (producer of Ghostbusters) and Ivan himself showed us around!

Ghost Corps Tour Hook and Ladder 8

Although the Ghost Corps offices are pretty new, there was a great feeling of nostalgia there.  The exterior is decorated like the famous Hook and Ladder Company #8, which is where the characters in the original Ghostbusters worked.

Ghost Corps Tour Original Etco 1

The original Ecto-1 was sitting right outside, so we couldn’t walk by without stopping for a photograph with it.

Ghost Corps tour Ghostbusters Ecto 1

The Ghost Corps office is filled with memorabilia from the original Ghostbusters films and the brand new Ghostbusters!  There are glass cases filled with toys, including some of the new toys available for the new movie.

Ghost Corps Tour Display Case

I wanted so many of the items in that case for myself, and I wound up purchasing a few Ghostbusters souvenirs before leaving the lot.

Ghost Corps Tour Front Desk

At Ghost Corps front desk there is a buzzer created by a Ghostbusters fan plus a bowl full of Key Lime Slime Twinkies.

Ivan and the staff at Ghost Corps really enjoy seeing how passionate fans are about the franchise.  He told us that there are 300-500 Ghostbuster Groups worldwide, most of which are charity based.

Ghost Corps Tour Terror Dog

Do you remember this guy?  I couldn’t resist taking a selfie with one of the Terror Dogs from the movie.  Super scary!

Ghost Corps tour with Ivan Reitman

While we had lots of questions for Ivan, he wanted some feedback from us on the movie.  He mentioned that although some kids might be afraid of ghosts, the fact that the Ghostbusters can trap the ghosts and be in control makes them a little less fearful.

Ghost Corps Tour Walking Tour of Sony Lot

We also got to take a really fun and informational walking tour of the Sony Lot while we were there.  It was amazing to see some of the historic buildings and learn what they were formerly used for and what they are currently used for.

We walked onto the Barbara Streisand Scoring Stage, walked through the actual set of The Goldbergs (no photos allowed), sat in the audience seats on the Wheel of Fortune stage, saw Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison offices, scoped out celebrity parking spots and more!

Ghost Corps Tour Ghostbusters Lunch at Sony Lot

The day at Sony wrapped with a delicious lunch at the Sony Commissary with our own reserved #Ghostbloggers table.  Our place settings included a glow-in-the-dark Ghostbusters shirt, a box of Ecto Cooler, and my very own Ghostbusters pin!

Ghostbusters Poster

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Ghostbusters opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, July 15th. See theater showtimes and get your tickets now!

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