How to Cure the Stomach Flu Fast, Or at Least Lessen the Misery

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Oh, the stomach flu. It just hit my family so hard! This wasn’t any old bug. This was the kind that empties you out and leaves you sore and spent for long after the first signs of illness.

My husband was hospitalized due to the violent illness and dehydration, I was confined to my bed for close to 24 hours, and my poor parents were taking care of my daughter and my sick son until my mom caught the bug late last night!

So, after my husband staying in the hospital overnight, he was discharged yesterday and I took him home so we could both recover. We crawled out of bed early this morning to drive 150 miles to get our babies (and allow my mom to rest!) and we are finally back home and we all seem to be close to recovered.

I was desperate to figure out how to cure the stomach flu fast! After a few calls to an on-call nurse and my sister, a mother of four and my #1 source for parenting advice, I learned that there really is no real fast cure for the stomach flu. There are, however, a few things almost everyone does that actually makes any stomach bug worse.

If you’re looking for how to cure a stomach virus fast, you’ll definitely want to follow these directions now, as they’ll help you recover as quickly as possible:

  • Don’t eat or drink anything until 2 hours after vomiting. Then start with ice chips to see if your body is strong enough to handle anything.
  • After you can handle ice chips, take small sips of cold, clear liquids every 10-20 minutes. Pedialyte or Gatorade is recommended to replenish the salt the body has lost. If you’ve never had it, try learning how to make homemade Pedialyte instead of the over-the-counter stuff. It takes about 30 seconds and you’ll be happy you didn’t have to run to the store!
  • Do not eat anything for 4-6 hours after your body is able to accept liquids without vomiting.
  • After you keep liquid down for at least 4 hours, reintroduce gentle, easy foods. Start by eating Jello, broth and dry toast. Think simple, low-protein foods that are easy to digest.
  • If your little one hasn’t had a wet diaper in 12+ hours, call the doctor for advisement.

If you have any concerns, be sure to contact a doctor or get to a hospital immediately! While we clearly had the same bug, my husband was much, much sicker than me. He needed medical care, while I just needed time and sleep to recover.

I certainly hope none of you suffer from this sickness, because it’s absolutely miserable! If you do, however, the tips above may help you (and your stomach) have a better recovery!

how to make homemade pedialytehow to make homemade pedialyte


  1. Boy, we had it too! Christmas Eve! It was terrible! good luck!

  2. We got it at New Years. My then 11 month old wound up in the hospital for 3 days. It was awful

  3. Oh, it seems like it was such a secret until I started talking about it! Now it seems like every family with little ones has had the stomach flu at least once this season!

  4. I got it on my birthday a week ago… goddamn Benihanas!

    though mine was just for the evening 😛

  5. So sorry you guys were hit so hard. We had it 2x last winter–once right after Christmas and then again during the February school break. We really know how to vacation!

  6. Suzie - Kiddo Savings says:

    Oh sweetie I am so sorry! Hoping you and the family feel better fast – The bug is going aorund DS school here and its horrible!! =(

  7. I am glad that you guys are starting to feel better. That sounded like a really rough time.

  8. Oh no! That really stinks! My LO and DH have and still are pretty sick. Luckily I was only sick for 1 night.
    Hope you and your family are well again soon!

  9. So sorry! Everyone around us is getting it. I just want to shut me and my son up in the house and not leave until everyone is over it!

    Thanks for your blog! I’m giving it an award!

  10. Grr! I have it right now 🙁 I have been vomiting since 4 am this morning

  11. i have it right now and so does my mother. its terrible. its vomit diarrhrea and runny nose. right after a 2 day drive.

    good luck
    fyi. try eating fruits and veggies after the bug has gone.

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