Rewards R Us Program Enhancements

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Remember the Rewards R Us rewards program for both Toys R Us and Babies R Us? The perks have been improving since its inception last fall, and they just launched a nice new member website to help you make the most of the rewards! If you’re not familiar, here’s a recap:

Sign up for your free Rewards R Us membership online or in stores. You’ll receive a card with your ID number on it, but the store can also look up your information when you go to buy something if you provide them with your phone number (I love this option since I have enough stuff in my wallet already!). When your purchase is recorded in your account, you’ll enjoy the following perks:

  • Earn a $5 rewards certificate for every $150 you spend. This accumulates quarterly, and both the spending and rewards reset each quarter. In short, use it or lose it!
  • Buy 9 value boxes of Huggies and get the 10th one free.
  • Buy 9 value boxes of Pampers and get the 10th one free.
  • Buy 9 cans of Nestle Good Start powder formula (24 oz. or larger) and get the 10th one free.
  • Buy 9 cases of Nestle Good Start 32 oz. ready-to-feed formula, get the 10th one free.
  • Buy 5 American Greetings cards and get the next one free.

I love this program since the diaper rewards can be combined with both store and manufacturer coupons. There are often additional incentives involving bonus gift cards when you buy either Huggies or Pampers, so you can end up with a great price on diapers if you time it right! The rest of the perks are hit-or-miss depending on your formula needs and shopping habits, but it’s worth a few minutes of your time to go ahead and get signed up so you’re ready when the next deal comes along!

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  1. scottiev says:

    Make sure you keep your receipts until you receive your rewards. I didn’t and am now having a really hard time proving I bought all 9 boxes of diapers. They showed up on the website but not under the rewards page then when I called to ask about it, mysteriously 2 of them disappeared.

    Pretty frustrating…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a complaint about this program. Once you earn the rewards the time frame to redeeem is extremely short barely two weeks. I delivered my baby by c-section right before the certificates were valid by the time I was able to feel comfortable enough to leave the house to use them I found out they had expired the day before. The customer service rep and her supervisor had no sympathy towards me being a new mom. Im sure they are banking on new parents to not use the rewards. BTW, I spent over 800.00 in merchandise to get the 15.00 rewards, so I think it is pretty awful of them to not try to accomodate me as a courtesy. I dont rate this program well and will stop using the membership and stop shopping there. It certainly isnt the only place to buy baby items.

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