5 Disney Classic Movies Now Available for the First Time on Blu-Ray!

Disney blu-ray movie selectionAs a lifelong Disney fan, I’m always excited to see Disney movies available to buy that I used to have on VHS (or never had at all).

But with the introduction of Blu-Ray into the market a few years ago, these movie releases have become even more exciting for me. Blu-Ray versions of some of my favorite movies mean digital remastering, HD picture and bonus features with material I’ve never seen.

I’m excited to share that FIVE of Disney’s classic animated movies are being released for the first time ever on Blu-Ray:



Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers

The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad + Fun & Fancy Free

I received samples of all of the above titles and I can tell you, these movies are beautiful. I had forgotten how sweet and heartwarming Tarzan is-it’s better than I remember it!

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‘Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast’ + A Disney Store Prize Pack Giveaway!

sofia the first the enchanted feast reviewSofia the First: The Enchanted Feast is the newest Sofia the First film available on DVD!

I received the DVD along with a few products from the Disney Store so my little ones and I could celebrate the movie release with our own Enchanted Feast!

Haiden and Piper were both thrilled to see the fun Sofia items we received:

While Haiden was excited that Piper had some fun accessories to add to the purple princess dress already in her closet, he did seem a tiny bit sad that he didn’t have anything new to wear. When I asked him if he wanted to be a pirate, he jumped up and ran to get all of the pirate items he had just brought home from a birthday party a few weeks ago!

Here are Haiden and Piper preparing for our “enchanted feast” of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grapes, pretzels and lemonade ☺

sofia the first the enchanted feast party

After their feast we settled in to watch Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast for the first time.

There’s more than meets the eye when you join SOFIA THE FIRST for a royally scrumptious adventure!

All the monarchs from Enchancia’s neighboring kingdoms have come to watch a dazzling display of magic:

First, Cedric will conjure up a fabulous feast. Next, he’ll transform the banquet room into a hall of amazing “morpho-mirrors.” But before the fun begins, wicked Miss Nettle (disguised as “Sascha The Sorceress”) crashes the party with a scheme to steal Sofia’s magical amulet.

Can Sofia foil the bad fairy’s plan before it’s too late? Perhaps…with help from Snow White, who reminds her it’s important to trust your instincts.

Sparkling with music and excitement — plus four more spellbinding episodes — THE ENCHANTED FEAST may be the fairest of them all!

The DVD features an episode with a special appearance by Snow White, plus four additional episodes and a FREE enchanted mirror!

The five episodes of Sofia the First that are on this DVD are:

  • The Enchanted Feast (featuring Snow White)
  • The Buttercups
  • Tea For Too Many
  • Great Aunt-Venture
  • Two Princesses And A Baby

I fully admit that I get a little bit excited to have a new look at the special Disney princess featured in every Sofia the First DVD set (you know how much I loved seeing Ariel in Sofia the First: The Floating Palace!). It was heartwarming to see Snow White give Sofia valuable advice about trusting her instincts and telling others if something or someone doesn’t seem quite right.

Enter the giveaway!

sophia  the first enchanted feast review

Who wants to win a Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast gift pack featuring the DVD and items from the Disney Store?

One lucky winner will receive the following items:

To enter the giveaway, please wait for this Rafflecopter widget to load:

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Disclosure: The prize pack and items provided to facilitate the review/giveaway were received at no cost to me. All items provided by Disney and/or the associated PR company. 

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First Official Trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6! #BigHero6

Big hero 6 posterIf you haven’t seen the the Big Hero 6 teaser trailer, be sure to check it out while you take a look at the brand new and first official trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6!

The Big Hero 6 storyline is slowly unfolding before all of us, and it’s fun to get a better idea of the plot with every press release Disney puts out!

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You Won’t Believe Who’s Starring in Disney’s Big Hero 6! #BigHero6

Big hero 6 posterHave you seen the Big Hero 6 trailer? How about the latest movie poster?

I mentioned it on my other posts about Big Hero 6, but it’s pretty obvious that Disney has been relatively secretive about the plot of this movie. Releasing a small detail at a time (like a short trailer or a single movie poster) is definitely one way to keep me interested ☺

The news about the voice cast of Big Hero 6 just hit my inbox yesterday, and I’m excited to share the lineup with all of you! Even better, I also have brand new character and plot details!

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Best Banana Creme Brulee Recipe #100FootJourney #FoodieFriday

banana creme bruleeThe Hundred-Foot Journey opens in theaters on August 8th, and I’m lucky to be on a special mailing list that shares delicious recipes from and inspired by the movie. This banana creme brulee recipe looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to make it!

I’m loving that these recipes are coming from renowned chefs from various outlets. This particular recipe for banana creme brulee was created by Chef Bal Arneson–the host of Spice Goddess!   [Read more...]