Benedict Wong on Race, Comic Books and Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE #DoctorStrangeEvent

Disney mom blogger press trip

Benedict Wong is known for his roles in The Martian and Netflix’s Marco PoloIf you haven’t caught him in either one of those programs you can now see him in Marvel’s Doctor Strange!

disney mom blogger press trip

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My group of 25 bloggers sat down with Benedict Wong to talk about Doctor Strange. We covered comic books, what it was like behind the scenes and Asian superheroes.
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5 Reason’s to Watch Disney XD’s MECH-X4 #MechX4Event

Disney Mech-X4 cast

Have you heard about MECH-X4? It’s the all-new Disney XD show that’s premiering on November 11th!

I was in LA last month for a variety of Marvel, Freeform and Disney events, including the #DoctorStrangeEvent. One other highlight was the #MechX4Event, where I had the opportunity to screen the first episodes of MECH-X4, and sit down with the creators and the cast.

I learned a lot about the show, and I have some great reasons to watch MECH-X4!
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DOCTOR STRANGE: A Parent Review #DoctorStrangeEvent

Doctor Strange Parent Review

I’ve been a Marvel fan for several years. The Marvel Cinematic Universe fascinates me, and I feel myself getting pulled deeper into the MCU with every new Marvel production I see.

I loved Marvel’s Doctor Strange! I saw it a few weeks ago and my mind was blown over and over again. It left me with plenty to think about and I’ve told all my friends that they need to see this movie!

doctor strange parent review

I also learned a ton about the movie while at the Doctor Strange press junket. I’m hoping I get to see it again sometime soon to relive those moments and pick up on details I missed the first time around.

With all my new knowledge, I wrote this Doctor Strange parent review to help answer the question, Should I take my child to see Doctor Strange? [Read more…]

Interviewing Mads Mikkelsen of Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE #DoctorStrangeEvent

disney mom blogger press junket mads mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen has had an impressive career, and it’s only getting better!

From playing the title character on TV’s Hannibal to a long list of other roles, a quick glance at his history shows that he has experience playing the villain.

disney blogger press conference doctor strange

That doesn’t change in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, where he plays yet another bad guy, Kaecilius, in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Here’s what he had to say about it. [Read more…]

Exclusive: Why Scott Derrickson Wanted to Make Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE #DoctorStrangeEvent

disney mom blogger scott derrickson interview

A few years ago I was given an assignment that took my pop culture interests to a new level. I was told that I had to watch Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America and The Avengers in preparation for the Iron Man 3 premiere.

I was so hooked after those three films that I immediately watched Thor and The Avengers. I surprised myself and most people who knew me when I became a huge Marvel fan!

Now I eagerly await the release of every new Marvel, and I’ve binge-watched every Marvel series on Netflix. The Marvel Cinematic Universe fascinates me, and I feel like a section of my brain is devoted to connecting the dots between everything I see on screen.

When I was reading up on Doctor Strange, I found it interesting that Scott Derrickson was the director. Derrickson has established himself as a screenwriter and director of horror films, and I was wondering how he would translate that expertise into Marvel’s comic book roots.

scott derrickson on set of doctor strange

When I sat down to interview Derrickson for Doctor Strange, I had a few questions around this very topic. Here’s what he had to say during our time together. [Read more…]

Tilda Swinton on Doctor Strange and Working with Marvel #DoctorStrangeEvent

marvel mom blogger press trip tilda swinton in doctor strange

Tilda Swinton has been called one of the more unique actresses to come along during the second half of the 20th century. It’s that unique quality that makes her perfect to play her role in Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

You’ll learn about this as you read the details of my interview with Tilda Swinton below, but it’s absolutely fitting that the director wrote the part of The Ancient One for Swinton.

the ancient one first scene doctor strange

See Doctor Strange on November 4th and you’ll understand exactly what I mean!
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