More Gwyneth Paltrow Interview Details + It’s All Good Cookbook Review #IronMan3Event

DSC_7238A few days ago I wrote about my Gwyneth Paltrow interview opportunity. She was so likeable and so real–I loved everything about the interview!

About half the interview was spent talking about her role as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3. We spent the rest of the session discussing her new cookbook, It’s All Good: Delicious Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel GreatI really feel like I learned a lot about Gwyneth, her parenting style and her lifestyle in the short time the interview covered!

Here are my favorite parts of the interview:

How did you get into writing cookbooks?

…My son has really bad eczema, so we did his food allergy tests and he’s really allergic to gluten and cow’s milk. I felt so bad for him–not having regular ice cream and meatballs and stuff. So I just started making him a mini-encyclopedia of totally yummy comfort food that’s just on his diet.

What advice do you have regarding the best nutrition?

A nutritionist once told me that the way we’ve changed our diet in the last 50 years is crazy. Like, if you showed our great grandmothers the way we’re eating they’d be like, This isin’t even food. What are you doing? 

So, the nutritionist told me, when you’re at the supermarket, shop the periphery. That’s where all the fresh food is. That’s where the chicken, fish, beef, everything is. Avoid the aisles–tha’ts where all the processed food is.

My philosophy at home is always: try to cook really healthy at home because I can’t control what they eat at friends’ houses. I don’t want to.I want them to be autonomous and make their own choices and have a life.

But I think that that’s their balance. I try to cook healthy at home,a and then out, I’ll eat whatever I want to.

Do you cook with your kids?

Oh, yes. My son, especially, is really, really into it. We cook something together every weekend. I actually think the kitchen is an amazing place to interact and teach kids. It’s such quality time of interacting but you’re also making dinner. Like you’re actually doing something.

interview with gwyneth paltrowAfter a fantastic interview where I learned more than I ever dreamed I’d learn about Gwyneth Paltrow’s life, I received an autographed copy of her new cookbook!

I admit that I have good intentions, but I’m not the healthiest cook in the world. Nevertheless, there are some fantastic-looking recipes in It’s All Good! I didn’t have time to actually make any of the foods featured in the cookbook, but here are a few pictures I snapped of recipes that I truly can’t wait to try:


Carrots with Black Sesame and Ginger

sauteed corn with chimichurriSauteed Corn with Chimichurri

the best green juiceI’m most excited to try The Best Green Juice! It’s described as “Just as energizing as a cup of coffee with non of the letdown.” With ingredients like Kale, lemon, apple and ginger, it sounds healthy and refreshing!

There are a wide variety of recipes in the cookbook, and it covers everything from eggs to brownies to oatmeal! Even if you’re not looking for a cookbook that fits a special diet requirement, there will be plenty of recipes that will be good for your family in It’s All Good!

Disclosure: Thanks to Disney for covering my travel expenses for my participation in the Iron Man 3 #IronMan3Event press trip, which included this interview.