The Best Disposable Training Pants for Potty Training

best disposable training pants

It’s no secret that I don’t think disposable training pants should be a big part of your potty training strategy, even if you’re potty training at 18 months.

At the same time, I fully admit that we ended up using Pull-Ups as the best disposable training pants I could find when we were potty training both our boy and our girl. Why am I contradicting myself?

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Start Potty Training: Don’t Use Disposable Potty Training Pants {Like Pull-Ups and Easy Ups}

disposable potty training pants

I apologize. that’s not a very encouraging title! I do think that the information I’m sharing about disposable potty training pants will lead to a more successful potty training experience!

I’ve potty trained two little ones, and I even successfully started potty training at 18 months with my daughter. With both of my kids, we focused on using the potty training seat all the time during the day first, and kept them in diapers at night.

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Save Up to 30% off The First Years Disney Junior 3-In-1 Potty System, Free Shipping Eligible!

potty system

The Thomas & Friends Easy Clean Potty Ring is on sale for $17.44 at Amazon right now. That is 30% off the regular price of $24.99 and comes in Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Doc McStuffins!

If you’re at the start of potty training, be sure to read how my daughter and I started potty training at 18 months, then check out my ebook, How I Potty Trained My 18 Month Old In 1 Week.

Product information:

  • 3-in-1 system grows with your child
  • Use standalone potty or place detachable seat on your family toilet
  • Sturdy base doubles as a handy step stool
  • Lift-out pot can be easily emptied and cleaned
  • Soft seat for your chils’d comfort; Magical sounds pretend flush handle

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Using Wipes Post Potty Training

using wipes after potty trainingI consider myself very lucky when it comes to potty training. I don’t think I’ll ever say potty training is easy or fun, but I know I had an easier time of it than plenty of other parents.

Potty training at a young age (2 years old for my son, my daughter was 18 months) meant that their job was to just use the toilet. My job was supervising, wiping, helping get underwear back up and getting clothes back in order. Even now, we’re all still in the habit of me doing one or two of those things at least once a day.

I think it’s fair to say that wiping is the job that no one wants to do. I mean, I want my kids to have clean bottoms. I want my own to be, too! But they have a fear of not getting “clean enough.” As much as I want my kids to be totally independent in the bathroom, I understand where they’re coming from, and I also want them to be clean and comfortable.

The very best solution for helping potty trained kids thoroughly wipe themselves after going to the bathroom? flushable wipes.

Baby wipes are the very best thing to ensure a clean bottom when a baby or toddler is in diapers, right? So why do we instantly expect dry toilet paper to be enough to do the same once the diapers are off? Even further, why shouldn’t adults make it an easier experience with flushable cleansing cloths?

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My Ebook is Here! How I Potty Trained My 18-Month-Old in 1 Week

potty training at 18 months

I am so excited to finally say that my new ebook, How I Potty Trained My 18-Month-Old in 1 Week is available on Amazon!

Many of you likely found this website after seeing my surprisingly popular potty training at 18 months series of articles. The articles unexpectedly went viral on Pinterest and Facebook several months ago, and I’ve received a ton of emails about them ever since.

My inbox has been bombarded with questions about more specific potty training techniques, how my husband and I handled the stress, how things are going now, and more. A lot of readers also suggested that I format the posts differently, into more of a potty training guide and less of a story.

I’ve also had a good amount of readers criticizing my methods and the fact that I even made the decision to potty train my child at 18 months!

At first I thought I could update and edit the posts to accommodate the questions and address the concerns. Then I realized I could give all of you so much more if I put it together into an easy-to-read ebook that (hopefully) answers all the questions and provides a better format for those of you who want to use the information as a guide for your own potty training experience!

Rest assured that the How I Potty Trained My 18-Month-Old in 1 Week ebook provides a great deal more than what you’ll find in the potty training at 18 months articles. In addition to day-by-day recaps of our potty training experience (including what worked and what didn’t work for us), you’ll get:

  • When Is the Right Time to Potty Train
  • Potty Training Readiness
  • 5 Rules for Potty Training an 18 Month Old
  • What to Do if Potty Training Isn’t Going Well
  • Tips for Avoiding Accidents
  • Dealing with Potty Training Accidents Away From Home
  • Potty Training Books and Movies
  • Bonus: The #1 Piece of Potty Training Advice
  • Additional Potty Training Resources

How I Potty Trained My 18-Month-Old in 1 Week is priced at just $3.99 and it can be borrowed for FREE if you have Amazon Prime!

If you do purchase the ebook, I’d love for you to leave a review on Amazon sharing your thoughts about the book and what you liked about it. 

Just yesterday I put out a call for volunteer readers to review How I Potty Trained My 18-Month-Old in 1 Week. Be sure to LIKE BabySavers on Facebook if you’d like to be alerted when I’m looking for the next round of reviewers.

Finally, readers, I just want to say thanks so much for your ongoing support over the years. Writing an ebook was one more thing I never even thought I’d do when I started blogging, and now, thanks to all of you, it’s done!

Start Potty Training: Should We Use Potty Training Pants?

potty training pants

When you’re thinking you might be ready to start potty training, almost everyone asks What is the best potty training seat? but you might not think about potty training pants right away.

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Or if you are thinking about potty training pants, you’re probably thinking of disposables, like Huggies Pull-Ups or Pampers Easy Ups. Stop. Those are not the kind of potty training pants you need. (Read: Don’t Use Disposable Potty Training Pants.)

When I posted the article sharing all my feelings about Pull-Ups and other potty training pants, I promised to answer this question:

What sort of potty training pants should we use? 

I’ve potty trained two little ones, and I even successfully started potty training at 18 months with my daughter. Both times I committed to staying at home as much as possible to fully focus on using the potty. Those days at home were spent with the child being potty trained not wearing any pants. It was just the easiest way to reduce the number of barriers between the toddler and the potty.

But there were times when we were in the thick of potty training and we really had to leave the house. It will likely happen to you, too. If it does happen, you will really, really want to put a diaper on your child and get out of the house. Don’t do it. Don’t let your child believe that you expect them to have an accident. Instead, do your best to protect their clothes just in case it happens. This is where washable  potty training pants come into play.

The key quality of washable potty training pants that makes them so much better than pull-ups or other disposable training pants is that your child will feel wet if she goes in her pants. Of course you’ll want to change her into dry undergarments and clothes as soon as possible, but your child will not be comfortable if you’re in a car and you need to wait to get to your destination to get her changed. That discomfort may make help her try a bit harder to hold it next time she has to go potty.

How To Use Potty Training Pants

You have a few options for using washable potty training pants.

Waterproof and Absorbent Training Pants:

potty training pantsThese potty training pants are something like a pair of padded, absorbent underwear covered by vinyl. They’re great for holding and containing the urine if your little one goes a lot.

I used Gerber All in One Waterproof Training Pants and they worked wonderfully for the short time I needed them. They’re becoming increasingly hard to find, but you can check these resources to see if they’re in stock:

An alternative brand that has great reviews are the Potty Scotty potty training pants and Potty Patty potty training pants.

Waterproof Potty Training Pants (underwear covers):

potty training pantsWaterproof potty training pants work similarly to the waterproof training pants except that they’re merely a vinyl-like PEVA material made like underwear with an elastic waist and leg holes. These are intended to wear over regular underwear.

If these waterproof pants are worn over absorbant non-waterproof training pants (see below) they work similarly to the all in one potty training pants described above.

Here are a few popular brands of this type of potty training pants:

Cloth Potty Training Pants

potty training pantsThe last type of potty training pants are cloth potty training pants. These are constructed like child-size underwear with layers of cotton or polyester padding to absorb urine if your little one has an accident.

You can pair these with the above waterproof potty training pants for extra protection if the absorbant layers are put to the test!

There are several options for cloth potty training pants:

I know this article is filled with bossy advice and orders, but I still stand by my number one rule of parenting: Do what works best for you and your family. That may differ from what I’ve read and what I’ve experienced, and I’m happy to discuss other options and tips.

Readers: Do you have any tips or advice on potty training pants? 

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