Top 10 Easy LEGO Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes

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Lego Cake

It’s never too early to start planning a birthday party (or any other celebration), and I have to say, I see a LEGO cake and I get excited!

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There’s always a lot interest in the LEGO birthday cake I shared last year, so I thought I’d share some inspiration for fun and easy LEGO birthday cakes!

Easy LEGO Birthday Cakes

lego birthday cake ideasThese LEGO birthday candles will create a festive LEGO-themed cake, even if you pop them into a bakery birthday cake!

You can bake your own cake or buy a frosted cake (I believe all SuperTarget bakeries have plain round and sheet cakes ready for purchase), then decorate with these fancy LEGO candles!


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Lego Building Blocks Birthday Cake  ::  Bake a cake in a standard 9×13 pan and follow the directions to make cake “bricks” with marshmallows.


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This LEGO minifigure head birthday cake would be easy enough to replicate.  Just use a LEGO head template to get the shape right and fill it in on a white cake!


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I love how dressed up these store-bought cupcakes are! Making multicolored edible LEGO minifigures is remarkably easy when you use this LEGO minifigure mold and various colors of Wilton candy melts!


baby dealsWay easier than LEGO cake pops, these adorable LEGO pops are marshmallows topped with M&Ms, then dipped in bright yellow candy melts.


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I love the simplicity of these LEGO brownie bites! Bake perfect squares in this affordable 24-cavity brownie bites baking mold, frost and top with coordinating M&Ms.


baby dealsThis sweet LEGO birthday cake looks like a fantastically dressed-up sheet cake from Costco, and it’s definitely something I would try to do! The cake is embellished with super-fun Candy Blocks edible LEGO candy and the child’s name can be spelled out with the same LEGO candy!


baby dealsMake your own edible chocolate LEGO bricks with this LEGO candy mold, then decorate any flavor and color of cupcakes and frosting!


baby dealsI wouldn’t classify the actual base of this cake as “easy” but the decorations that top the cake are definitely doable and they have a huge “Wow!” factor even without the fondant-covered cake!

Those LEGO birthday candles are used again, but the real eye-catcher is the huge LEGO figure on top of the cake that can double as a birthday gift for your kiddo!  The one above is the LEGO lantern, but you can also consider using a LEGO Policeman Alarm Clock or a LEGO Brick Bank.


baby dealsThese LEGO cupcakes are topped with candy made with a LEGO candy mold, but I think the loose outside cupcake liners in primary colors really bump these treats up to the next level!

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For more excellent LEGO cake ideas, be sure to take a look at this article: LEGO Cake Ideas: 15 Seriously Easy LEGO Birthday Cakes with tutorials!

Your Turn: Which one of these LEGO birthday cake ideas is your favorite? 

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