We LOVE Our Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Swing Set! {Review}

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baby dealsEarlier in the season, I received an email encouraging me to experience “Backyard Bliss” with Sam’s Club’s fantastic Outdoor Living merchandise.

baby dealsThere were so many beautiful and fun items featured, like the Dunkirk Grill Gazebo, the Keter Cool Bar and the Backyard Botanical Complete Gardening System, just to name a few, so I wrote back to the rep who had sent me the message and told her how much I loved the featured items.

Much to my surprise, she asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Set. Of course, I said yes!

The Highlander is a unique play set that allows children to play on four different levels of the structure.

Ground level includes a picnic table with benches and a toy storage area. Each of the three additional decks lead upward until reaching the highest level.

All levels can easily be seen by parents so you can keep an eye on the adventurers, thanks to the slatted wall construction. Up to nine kids can play on this set at one time!

My husband was also thrilled with this review opportunity, so I sent him the product link to have him evaluate how the assembly would go. He came back and said that I should read it, too. Here are the key details we noted about putting the Highlander Play Set together:

Tools and Materials Required:

  • Claw type hammer
  • 10 ft. tape measure
  • Framing square or level
  • 10 ft. step ladder
  • Screwdriver (#2 Phillips)
  • Electric or cordless drill
  • Wrench, sockets or nut drivers (9/16″ and 1/2″)
  • Beeswax or soap (used to lubricate screw threads)
  • Drill bits: 1/8″, 3/16″, 3/8″ and 7/16″(high speed)

The Highlander Has One Layout Option:

  • Layout ground dimensions: 14’8″W x 15’10″L x 12’10″T
  • Safe play area (allows for 6′ on all sides of set): 26’8″W x 27’10″L

Assembly requires two moderately skilled people and 20 – 24 hours.

We also took a look at the existing customer reviews for the play set and found that most reviewers concurred with the amount of time needed and that at least two people were necessary for putting the set together.

My husband called up a few of his buddies and made a plan for them to come over on a Saturday. They didn’t even let the bad weather forecast and nearly a full day of rain stop them from getting it done!

They moved the four long, heavy boxes from the garage into the backyard, then organized the contents of the boxes. They ended up with lots of piles like this:

baby deals

They got started and followed the directions to a T. My husband and his friends broke out the tools and it started coming together!baby deals

It rained the entire day that they worked on getting it together, so I didn’t get any decent photos  between this one and the final, assembled product. I do have to say that three of them worked on the structure for over 12 hours, and one other guy came over for about 3 hours to help them out in the middle of the day.

Even with all that manpower, my husband still had to spend about another eight hours on his own getting the final pieces in place. Want to know why?

Not a single piece of this swingset arrives already put together. Every platform needs to be built with individual pieces of wood. Every wall has to have each individual slat attached, and the picnic table is built plank-by-plank. This isn’t a negative, it’s just an FYI to make sure you understand that this swingset needs to be built from the ground up once it’s delivered.

If you’re not up for the task of spending a few days building a swingset, I would suggest hiring someone to do the construction or purchasing a less-intensive pre-made set.

In our case, my husband is so proud of the work he and his friends did, and I know he loves that he actually made this swingset for his beloved children. From the kids’ perspective, their daddy is a hero for building such an amazing structure just for them!

Of course, my kiddos are thrilled with the entire swing set. Here’s what Haiden, 3 and Piper, 2, love about the Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Set:

baby deals

1. The Rock Wall: The climbing wall is fairly steep and it’s five feet tall, but both kids impressed me immediately by scaling the vertical platform quickly. Wit the various hand and footholds, the seem to find  a new way to climb up it every day!

baby deals2. The Ship’s Wheel Glider: It’s so fun to have Haiden and Piper jump on the glider and want to swing together. They need to be pushed the entire time, but they also giggle and smile throughout the ride.

3. The Multi-Levels: Both Haiden and Piper love climbing all the way up to the top of the play set. They both want me to stand right below them so they can call to me, “Hellooooo down there!”

4. The telescope: I understand that this is just an accessory, but they both like to play “lookout” on the level with the telescope.

5. The multi-position swings: The kids like to use swings in the traditional way, but of course, they like to lay across one on their belly and drag their hands and feet on the ground. My husband adjusted the swings to two different heights so they’re easily able to use the swings both ways.

6. Wooden “stairs”: The play set features angled steps instead of ladder rungs, making it easier for Piper to get up and down to and from each level.

baby dealsWhat Mom and Dad love about the Highlander Deluxe Play Set: 

1. Arched “entry points”: The arches look quite nice and they’re also designed to keep little heads from bumping the beams.

2. The sunbursts at the peaks: The adorable “shingled” roof features a sunburst design on each side. It’s a cute addition to the design, and I love the way they look.

3. Metal safety handles: There are metal handles to grab where they’re most needed: at the top of the climbing wall and alongside every set of steps.

4. The picnic table: The built-in picnic table is roomy enough for adults to use, but small enough for kids to sit down at without any help. I love that it’s fully covered, and our set is positioned so it’s always in the shade. It’s a nice spot to have lunch or to get the kids out of the sun when they get too hot.

baby deals5. Slatted walls: The benefit to slatted walls rather than solid wood sides is that I can see every level and know right where my kiddos are. I believe that the set is safe, but it’s very tall, and I want to make sure the kids are firmly planted in a secure spot.

A few things we’d like to improve:

baby deals1. The slide: It’s long and fast, which is super-fun, but it stops about eight or ten inches above the ground. Haiden and Piper have both slid down the slide, flown off the end and hurt both their bottoms on the ground and banged their heads on the bottom of the slide. Thankfully, it’s a smooth, curved plastic, so I don’t forsee anyone getting seriously hurt from it, but my husband and I are brainstorming some sort of “landing” for the bottom of the slide.

2. No ground cover: I wouldn’t expect any sort of cover to be included with the play set, but we’re going to have to put some sort of mulch, gravel or padded patio material under the whole structure. It’s too hard to mow and trim the grass that grows underneath it, and most of it isn’t surviving being trampled or oddly shaded, anyway.

In conclusion, we love this playset! I’m confident the Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Set will last us for years to come! Even better, there are accessories like the Monkey Bars and the Tic Tac Toe board that we can purchase separately to keep the set fresh and exciting if it ever comes to that.

baby dealsBuy it! The Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Set is available at SamsClub.com for a regular retail price of $1099. It’s currently on sale for $999 with free shipping! 

I received the item featured in this review at no charge. This is not a paid article, and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. We actually have this playset, we bought it at Sams. It took about a million days to put together…i documented the whole thing on the blog….after having it a few years, I can say we still like it but the wood is pretty weatherd. I would def treat it. Also this playset attracts the heck out of wasps..as probably all playsets, so as a tip, make sure you check the levels for your kids each season.

  2. Wow! That looks like a fantastic playset! Even though it took awhile to put together, I’m sure it was all worth it to see your kiddos so happy with it! The great attention to detail and the rock wall look really great!

  3. My mother has this playset and like Trisha it has weathered over the years & the kiddos have been stung a few times from the hornets but with that said its definitely held up & the kiddos still love it years later! I want one for my house 🙂

  4. That sounds like a project to put together, but such a great swingset! We only have a metal set and it took 3 people over the course of a couple days to get together.

  5. Trisha and Jess,
    Thanks for the note about the weathering. My husband had mentioned sealing it a few weeks ago, but I forgot all about it. We’ll definitely do that.

  6. I wish we had gotten a playset like that, but my husband didn’t think we needed that sort. We got an old school swing set which is still nice, but I’d love one like you have.

  7. Wow!! What an amazing playset! It really has everything a kid needs to have a fun day outside. 🙂 I wish we had something like that when my daughter was little!

  8. Oh, wow! That is a beautiful playset! I have always wanted to get my son something like that. I know your kids are having a blast!

  9. It looks like such a great playset, that it makes all the hours of work building it worthwhile! The kids and I are suckers for rock walls, which makes this one especially nice.

  10. This is a great set. I wish I would have gotten a wooden one instead of a metal one. The meal ones rust too!

  11. This belongs in my dream backyard!

  12. This is beautiful Your husband and his friends did a great job! I can only imagine how much fun the kids are having with it.

  13. How awesome is that playset. Love it! You gave such detailed photos and assemby information. Enjoy it!

  14. Bet your children are having fun on their new playset! It looks wonderful!

  15. Wow! What an amazing playset. My 3 kiddos would love it! They’ve been asking for one of those kind of swings that two can sit on. Danika would love that rock wall and Aiden would go crazy for the slide! Looks like a lot of fun. A lot of assembly though!

  16. My girls have been telling me ever since we moved into our new house that they need a playset. I’ll check this one out because it has everything they’ve been asking for!

  17. That is an amazing playset! Oh my goodness! I love it!

  18. Just an FYI for anyone wanting to buy one…Sams Club offers delivery and I *think* you can pay to have it put together as well.

    That slides looks like great fun. Your kids will love it when they get a bit bigger…They look on the younger end of the age range. 🙂 Many many years of fun times are in your kids future!

  19. lucky kids! That’s a beautiful playset!

  20. Wow, that is one awesome swingset!! Love it!

  21. That’s a BEAUTIFUL set!! My boys have a much smaller playset that the hubs put together (it took about 8 hours – and everything had to be put together). Ours had fabric awnings which were weather-torn and are now completely gone.

    I definitely agree about the sealing and checking for wasps!

  22. What a fantastic looking playset! Thanks for sharing the info with me. Can’t wait to have the yard for something like that.

  23. What a great play area!

  24. What a beautiful play set! While it might be daunting to build from the ground up, I think it is awesome that the kids will think Daddy did it all by himself 🙂

  25. Where were the play sets like this when I was growing up? I can hardly believe my eyes. Aside from being fun for the kids, the pretty wood really beautifies the backyard. It looks like a terror to assemble. We would definitely have to get help but probably well worth it.

    I hope you and the kiddos enjoy it for generations to come.

  26. What a beautiful playset!! We always had a swingset when I was younger. This swingset looks like it’s perfect for older and younger kids. Great review and pictures!

  27. Now that looks amazing. I would have flipped for something like that when I was a kid!

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