Button Crafts for Kids: 10 Fantastic and Crafty Button Projects!

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button crafts for kids

Button crafts for kids are so easy to find, but it can be hard to find really good button crafts all in one place!

Take a look at these 10 fantastic button crafts for kids, find someone who will share their button collection and start getting crafty with your little ones!

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Button Crafts for Kids:

button crafts for kids: diy napkin ringsThese Button Napkin rings are the perfect way for kids to help prepare for a big meal or gathering!

button crafts for kids: notecardI love these button notecards, and there’s even a printable notecard template to make this button craft for kids that much easier!

button crafts for kids: antelope headThis faux antelope head with buttons is amazing! Can you believe it was made by elementary school students? I want to make one for my own home!

button crafts for kids: braceletThis ribbon and button bracelet tutorial makes a lovely piece a jewelry and even little ones can do this button craft for kids with big, dull needles and buttons with bigger holes.

button crafts for kids: hot air balloonI looked everywhere for the source of this button hot air balloon scrapbook page (it’s all over Pinterest) but I can’t find it! I love this scrapbook page and it’s definitely something kids could do. I think it would be great  in a shadowbox frame!

button crafts for kids: monogram artPrint out a big capital letter and let kids go to town gluing buttons over it. Frame the whole thing and you’ll end up with monogram art made from buttons!

button crafts for kids: wire treeFind a printable tree template and make it into a button craft for kids. Have them glue the buttons on as leaves for an adorable gift from a child!

button crafts for kids: button garlandThis button garland that’s used to adorn gifts is a fantastic way to dress up plain wrapping paper! It can also be draped for decoration. The tutorial instructs the user to crochet, but I think braiding is a way to make it a simpler button craft for kids.

button crafts for kids: wire button treeA wire button tree like this one will likely require some extra help from an adult, but it’s definitely something kids can do. Twist wire to form the frame of a tree. Put the “trunk” into a spool and have the kids weave the wire ends through the button holes.

button crafts for kids: button Christmas tree ornamentI think this button Christmas tree ornament is adorable! Here’s the button Christmas tree ornament tutorial.

Have you done any button crafts with your kids? What have you done? 


  1. Gail Williams says:

    I am a professional seamstress and have so many buttons and projects to do with my granddaughters. Thanks for all the ideas!

  2. These artworks are fantastic!

    I really love how these buttons are connected to each other to form the objects. Very smart and impressive 😀

  3. Activities for Seniors says:

    Wow these ideas are fabulous!

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