DIY: How to Make Adorable Homemade Burp Cloths

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I was recently shopping at Target and I saw a mom feeding a baby using the most adorable burp cloth.

Since I’m bold when it comes to talking to strangers about baby products (really, who doesn’t want to hear how cute their supplies are??), I asked where she bought the burp rag she was using.

To my surprise, she said a friend of hers had made a set of burpees for her and given them to her for a baby shower gift. I’ve known for a long time that burp cloths can be a great DIY project, but the discovery reminded me that I should share the information with all of you!

Even better, if you already have the fabric, these can be a very low-cost project for your own baby, or a gift for another lucky baby. I also want to note that this is a fantastic beginning sewing project.

If you’ve been looking to start sewing, few projects are easier than most of the burp cloth tutorials featured below!

How to Make Burp Cloths:

Originally linked in the post about DIY baby shower gifts, See Kate Sew shows you how to make burpees with just fabric and prefold cloth diapers.

Here’s a great DIY burp rag tutorial using cotton and chenille fabric. These look super-soft!

These homemade baby burpies are similar to lots of other patterns, but they’re dressed up and made even more adorable with the addition of ric rac.

Here are fabulously easy instructions for how to make burp cloths, package them in a set and present them as gifts!

These directions for making homemade burp rags include adding ribbon for a special touch.

(photo credit: OnTheDotCreations)

Have you made your own burp cloths?

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  1. Actually… they’re addicting! I started making them for friends a couple years ago and then for our little dude last year 🙂

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