How to Make a Diaper Cake: 50 DIY Tutorials for Unique Diaper Cakes!

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how to make a diaper cakehow to make a diaper cake

I’ve always wanted to know how to make a diaper cake. They’re so cute and fun, and it seems that you can included just about any sort of baby gift when you make your own diaper cake!

As it turns out, it’s pretty easy to find a free diaper cake tutorial online, and it’s a pretty straightforward process to learn how to make a diaper cake!

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Here are 50 sets of instructions and tutorials for how to make a diaper cake. You’ll find that there are so many diaper cake ideas, you can really make your diaper cake into anything you want it to be!

How to Make a Diaper Cake with matching blankets

Many of the diaper cake tutorials call for flannel baby blankets or receiving blankets. I struggle with mixing and matching fabrics, so I love these 4-packs of coordinated receiving blankets.

The patterns are beautiful and modern, and the blankets packaged together are already matched up to compliment each other. They come in shades of blue, pink and gender-neutral selections at $9-$12 for a 5-pack, so they’re a great price, too!

How to make a Diaper Cake

baby bathtub diaper cake 1. This How to make a baby bathtub diaper cake been my favorite project that I’ve ever done…and it was so easy! Check out my baby bathtub diaper cake tutorial!

how to make a diaper cake

2.  Beautiful Matters has what looks like the most artfully inspired instructions for how to make a diaper cake. I love that wide giraffe-print ribbon or you could really mix it up with this pack of 10 different animal-print ribbons!

how to make a diaper cake

3.  Saltbox Treasures has incredibly thorough diaper cake instructions for how to make a diaper cake. I love how it’s topped with the book 1001 Things it Means to Be a Mom. And the book is just $5.99!how to make a diaper cake4.  I love how festive this DIY diaper cake tutorial is from Domestic Adventures. If you want to make this diaper cake more girly use this bright pink monkey ribbon.

how to make a diaper cake5.  Building it On Pennies shares a unique twist on a homemade diaper cake: a diaper tub! Adorn it with this set of 26 rubber duckies for just $12!

how to make a diaper cake6.  Khair Online has a thorough tutorial for how to make a diaper cake and the results are stunning!

how to make an owl diaper cake7.  This DIY owl diaper cake by Overdramatic Party Girl is simply adorable! Luvable Friends makes 4-packs of those soft receiving blankets packaged in coordinating colors. It makes it easy to tie the “layers” together.

how to make a diaper cake fondant8.  I love this diaper cake tutorial for how to make a diaper cake fondant style! Take a look at the beautiful coordinating designs of these receiving blankets for a selection that’s already all matched for you.

how to make a diaper cake

9.  AlliCrafts has detailed photo instructions for how to make a diaper cake.

how to make a diaper cake

10.  I love that the diaper cake tutorial at Alpha Mom has a bottle of champagne hidden in the middle! That Ugly Doll can be switched out for one in almost any color of the rainbow, too.

how to make a diaper cake

11.  It Happens in a Blink assumes you can get the instructions for how to make a diaper cake elsewhere, and shows you how to make a diaper cake into an adorable bird diaper cake.

12.  Another fun variation: how to make a motorcycle diaper cake.

13. See how to make a tractor diaper cake.

14.  Living Locurto shows how to make a stunning diaper cake!

15.  Here are instructions from The Bean Sprout Notes for how to make a no roll diaper cake.

16.  Check out Maiden D’Shade and her Tricycle Diaper Cake tutorial.

17.  This Cat in the Hat diaper cake by Hammer and Thread is perfect for a Dr. Seuss baby shower!

18.  Grits and Giggles shows how to make  a diaper cake with “no Elmo peeking out of the side of the cake.”

19.  Sun Scholars shows how to make a diaper cake with a big bottle of baby shampoo as the base.

20.  I like that The Modest Homestead uses clear elastic hair ties to roll up the diapers in her diaper cake tutorial .

21. Oh my. The diaper cake tutorial at The Junk House shows how to decorate a cake with flowers.

22. Here’s some nice instructions for how to make a cloth diaper cake.

23.  How to Make a Diaper Cake Centerpiece from Our Best Bites resulted in a gorgeous diaper cake!

24. Lil’ Luna’s DIY corset diaper cake is a must-see!

25.  This is a simple cloth diaper cake made with prefold cloth diapers.

26.  A sturdy DIY diaper cake by Homemade by Jill

27.  I like the use of scrapbook paper in this DIY diaper cake tutorial.

28. Learn how to make a tricycle diaper cake!

29.  Lizzi’s instructions for how to make a diaper cake with a paper towel tube have the creation stabilized with a paper towel tube.

30.  How to make a train diaper cake.

31.  This sweet diaper cake with toys is labeled with baby’s name!

32. Learn how to make a diaper cake with a bottle of wine in the middle.

33.  Here’s a tutorial that shows how Caffeinated Conversations made twin diaper cakes for twin boys!

34.  This is a DIY Diaper Cake basket that you can fill with smaller presents!

35.  Here’s a lovely boutique-style diaper cake tutorial.

36.  See how to make a 4 tier diaper cake and WOW the mom-to-be!

37. Learn how to make a cloth diaper cake!

38.  See how to add decorations to a diaper cake.

39. This DIY diaper cake uses round cake pans to make perfect circles.

40.  Use ric rac to resemble frosting when making a diaper cake like Sweet Songbird.

41. I love that Coffee, Crafts and Cupcakes shows how to use pinning blankets in a diaper cake.

42.  Learn how to make a really big diaper cake with a giraffe theme!

43.  The receiving blankets, satin polka dot ribbon and crinkle paper make this homemade diaper cake so cute!

44.  How to make a truck diaper cake.

45.  I love the crinkly paper in this article about how to make a diaper cake with 3 tiers!

46. How to make a 4-wheeler diaper cake.

47.  Another DIY motorcycle diaper cake!

48.  How to make a baby carriage diaper cake.

49.  See how to use toilet paper as the base in this make-your-own diaper cake.

50.  These mini diaper cakes are fantastic!

51. Bonus!!  How to make a 3-layer diaper cake.

Have you made a diaper cake before? If you did, did you use really great instructions for how to make a diaper cake? Feel free to share any links to resources you used in the comments below!

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