DIY Baby Halloween Costumes: 15 Homemade Costumes for Babies and Little Kids!

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DIY baby Halloween costumes

Have a baby-size sweat outfit? How about some knee-high socks? Electrical tape? Coffee filters? Those just might be enough to make a DIY baby Halloween costume!

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Start scrounging around the house, because some everyday household supplies could play a big part in baby’s first Halloween! You also might need to make a run to a craft store or hardware store, but isn’t that part of the fun of making a DIY baby Halloween costume?

I’ve found a lot of tutorials show you how to make a DIY baby Halloween costume, but I narrowed it down to my 5 favorite costumes. You can also adapt a lot of these to make them for toddlers or little kids!

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DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

baby dealsThis article from Better Homes and Gardens article gives you 17 great ideas for making your own baby and kids Halloween costumes, including this amazingly adorable DIY baby Octopus costume!

baby dealsHow cute is this little mouse with gloves to make perfect mouse feet? All You magazine’s tagline is Enjoy Life for Less, so you know they’re going to have some good ideas! Here are 6 great DIY Halloween costume ideas.

baby dealsParent’s Magazine online is showcasing 21 Homemade Halloween Costumes (with real-life photos!). You’ll also get directions for how to make all of them. The person who converted a wagon into a baby bubble bath Halloween costume is a genius!

baby dealsMartha Stewart has 11 ideas for Homemade Halloween Costumes for Babies. The DIY owl Halloween costume is fabulous, I love the lamb, and you must see the Baby Chicken costume!

baby dealsParenting Magazine has a long list of 35 easy homemade Halloween costumes for kids.

Who doesn’t love the Mr. Men and Little Miss books? Here’s how to make a Mr. Bump Halloween costume. A smaller version would be hilarious on a baby!

DIY baby Halloween costumeDoes your kid want to be a superhero? A DIY Handmade Superhero Halloween costume turns your kid into his or her own superhero character!

DIY baby Halloween costumesMom Endeavors shows how she made an amazing homemade parrot Halloween costume for a little one. It accompanied a pirate perfectly, but it would be a showstopper on its own!

DIY baby Halloween costumesIf your little one is wild about Disney Planes, take a look at both the DIY Dusty Crophopper costume and the DIY El Chupacabra costume!

Siblings in matching Halloween costumes are adorable, but each of these DIY Mario and Luigi Halloween costumes could exist on its own and be entirely recognizable!

Learn how to make a DIY WordGirl costume or a DIY Captain Huggyface Halloween costume!

This DIY Charlie Brown baby Halloween costume is absolutely adorable!

Looking for a no-mess DIY baby Halloween costume project? Here’s a no-sew, no-glue easy lion Halloween costume that would easily work for a baby!

If you love dressing up your baby girl, this DIY Infant Flapper dress would be a fabulous look for a Halloween party.

Oh, my. How cute is this DIY baby chicken Halloween costume?

Finally, Babycenter’s list of homemade Halloween costume supplies is a great starting place to get the craft juices flowing!

DIY Halloween Costumes

Have you made any DIY Baby Halloween costumes? What was your best creation?


  1. Those are absolutely adorable. Kids are just the cutest.

  2. These look cute, I loved making costumes when my kids were younger.

  3. Aww, those are very cute!

  4. Those are incredibly cute!

  5. I love the imagination and creation that goes into homemade costumes. They’re usually not as hard to make as some realize.

  6. Very cute! I love the sun. I used to make my son’s costumes every year…and then I had 3 more kids and I ran out of time, lol.

  7. They are so cute – but I’ll but mine. I made my son’s first one 10 years ago, but that’s about it!

  8. Oh I love the bubble bath one. To cute!!

  9. I love homemade costumes. The weather is not always the best and you can dress your little one up while keeping them warm. I like the octopus one 🙂

  10. The bathtub is absolutely adorable!! Too bad my 2 year old would never sit still long enough for people to see it LOL

  11. I love the sun! I wanted to make my kid’s costume’s but they want to be the “new” Batman and Robin, not the kind I can make, lol.

  12. Cute! I have a costume for my little dude for this year but some of those were SO cute, I may have to make one next year!

  13. how cute I just love it they don’t look tooo difficult and they looks so much fun too

  14. The bathtub idea is awesome! I always buy costumes, but my husband talks about how they made their own growing up. He’s 1 of 5, so it would have been expensive to buy for all 5 kids!

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  16. It is fun to see baby or pet putting on costumes.

  17. Alyssa McVey says:

    That bubble bath costume is just precious. So creative!

    Thanks for sharing my flapper costume! Please feel free to use the photo if you’d like.

  18. Dorothy Allen says:

    I’m a great fan of DIY projects and found your site most interesting with all its cute ideas for Halloween costumes. Being able to create something from nothing is always such a rewarding experience. My problem is that by the time I’ve selected a project, I run out of time and have to resort to buying something anyway. The craft books for Halloween at have helped tremendously in that I can start early searching for ideas … many of which I see reflected here in your blog. Yes, I plan to post several of your awesome pretties to Pinterest where other folks can benefit from them. Thanks for allowing that.

  19. Jason Holton says:

    Celebrating the Halloween with kids Halloween Costumes is the best way of having it! Lots of fun awaits you when you celebrate this way! Your little children will surely enjoy it and will never forget the Halloween celebration.

  20. Ekramul Haque says:

    Great costume! You should submit to other DIY costumes sites.

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